Day 1- Tom Tom

11:54 AM

I decided to do a 30 day bloggers challenge, just for the fun of it. I've seen them on a few blogs and i think it will be really cool to try it. But first let me tell you what im wearing.
Skirt worn as a dress is from Per Una
Waistcoat, Belt and Chanel Bag are from My Vintage Closet
The hat was nicked from my dad
and the shoes are from my mums friends shop(ive forgotten what its called)

1. A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
The pictures posted above were taken today, guess thats recent enough....

  • I have really bad eyesight but i dont wear my glasses because they make me look wierd.
  • i never forget peoples names or faces
  • im actually a really good artist, but i never took drawing seriously...i opted for clothing and textiles instead of fine art
  • im very self conscious of my body, ive never worn a bikini (out of my room) lol
  • i like to eat healthy, my diet consists mostly of salads, fruits and vegetables but sometimes i go all out and splurge on blue bunny ice cream
  • i cry alot during movies, you know there is always that touching love scene...i cry sometimes when im watching cartoons too X_X (some of them are sad)
  • i  sleep on my back, i only sleep on my side when im not home and i have to look decent lol
  • i have a fight with my brother everytime i have to take pictures for my blog, dont be decieved by the smiles.
  • i would like to try out dancing, singing, acting in the future just for the fun of it
  • i would never ever go bungee jumping. Its like committing suicide, haba (naija mentality)
  • i love dogs, when i have my own house im going to have 6 of them or 8 sef
  • at some point in my life i wanted a tiger, i thought they were really cool....smh
  • im not really into nailcare, i only get my nails done on extra special occasions
  • my favorite movie is still "Love dont cost a thing"...yes, im a romantic
  • i dont eat butter, margarine, mayonnaise or cheese....they are slimy and disgusting...
Ill try to post everyday, i actually want to make it to day 30
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I don't like bungee jumping either! Nice skirt!


  2. adorable post, inspiring! Loving your blog :)

    XO Sahra

  3. I follow U my dear, love Your style...Follow me back




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