Day 2 - More Blue flowers

3:21 AM

Spaghetti top thingy is from my vintage closet
Skirt is from Bay and ive had it since i was like 12, it was really long then and i used to wear it to church with my blue hat :)
The bag is from a trade fair
and shoes are Roland Cartier

2.How did you come up with the name for your blog?
Well, i wanted something cool and fashiony since its a personal style blog and i also wanted it to reflect the legal aspect of my life (im a law student). The initial name was Legal Shakara (extremely razzz) i know...
But then the name didnt have to be in english right?, so i brought out my french dictionary and looked for the words. 'Fashion' and 'Legal'
and that was the birth of Mode Juridique..
cool ey?

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