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www.jacinthng.com is a new website that caters for university students. it covers all aspects such as news, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle with also self help and motivational articles. it is designed to help the youth in their path to greatness.
it is run by my friend, Tundun Taiwo and even though its still in the works you should totally check it out.
im also going to be their fashion writer :D :D
it was my daddys birthday yesterday so i had to do a lot of running around, pick up this and that...so i just slipped this on. its kindof an ootd outfit sha.
Im wearing a Jacinth tee (wanned to do small publicity)
Tommy Hilfiger jeans
and DIY ankara Topshop sandals
you can see my sandals match my bangles. i have a lot of this material lying around. theres nothing i havent used it to make lol.
the bag i bough at a trade fair. its kinda like an impression of that popular chanel bag only extremely affordable.
thanks for reading and dont forget to check out www.jacinthng.com

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