Hat Attack

1:03 AM

Yetunde and Fifunmi looked nice that day
Kemi telling me one of her dry jokes
Bola carrying me ^_^
I was my friend Dayos birthday a while ago so it was a chance for  all of us to catch up and eat chocolate cake. i hadnt seen them in a while so it was loads of fun and we took lots of pictures. I cant even put up the funniest ones cos they would just come after me. After all of that i headed on to my other friend Topes house for her sisters birthday (my wakabout is too much.:( i know ) and it was a partay whoop whoop!
im wearing a top from Papaya
Jeggings from Denim co.
Belt and Bag from my vintage closet
Shoes from American eagle
Retro Shades from Primark
and hat from my daddy (im never returning it)

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