Brown Love

11:42 AM

i dont know whats with this hand on forehead pose i was doing, cant understand where i got it from.
this is what i wore to the wedding i mentioned yesterday.
had to look simple and be comfortable since i was going as an official photographer.
Thanks to God the wedding went smoothly and i was very proud of the pictures i took, ill be sharing them once theyre ready.
My Shirt and shoes are from Primark. yes its the same shirt from my last post.
brief story about this shirt, my dad went to london a while ago and i asked him to buy me a couple of white shirts for school, he bought 5 pieces of the same shirt so i decided to keep 2 and sell 3, havent found any buyers yet though. im not very good at retailing.
Chinos are from Denim Co. and no they dont belong to my brother, these are actually mine.
beaded cuff from some boutique
and then Belt and purse from my vintage closet.
the purse used to be a satchel but then one day a part of the arm fell off and that was looked wayy better as a satchel though.
hope everyones saturday was alright??
Stay Blessed.

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