Taslim Dinner

2:28 PM

Dont ask me what was happening here, i dont know lol. all i know is that i am ashamed to say that these people are my friends.smh
Now arent they the cutest?
My babe Kodichi wore Zebra print too. who rocked it better? dont answer that. i know shell win :'( look at her hot shoes...
this picture is very akward but its the only one i have of me and my girls....if its any consolation i look akward too, lol. sorry guys!
The Taslim Elias Student Chamber of The Faculty of Law of my school held a dinner in memory of Taslim Elias and i was asked to cover the event. we had a lot of important law people in attendance, im sorry i didnt pay attention to their names. nd there was so much to eat and drink. it was really fun because all of the formalities didnt take too long to we had time to dance and partayy at the end of it all.
im wearing a dress from River Island
Blazer is the jacket of my LDP graduation suit
wedges bought from my moms friend (had to wear wedges since i was covering, best to go for comfort if you know youre going to be moving around alot)
and earings and purse from Lagos Market.

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