Santa Baby

10:20 AM

So the awesome girls of ForstyleSake were doing a dressup thingy called the Santa Baby challenge.
and they asked people to send in pictures of themselves wearing Christmas colors (red, green, gold, silver, white)
and then after a while people were to vote for the best outfit.
i am wearing:
green silk top from dunnes store
Black skirt that was nicked from my friend Bolu
Red Blazer from this suit my mom bought me
shoes and bag from primark
and scarf from my vintage closet
i sent in these pictures and guess what? I won!!
the prize was a box of the awesome jewelry shown below and i cannot wait to rock each piece
and i also just want to say a big thanks to the people that voted especially:
Tilewa, Niyi, Dami Choco, Bami, Mayowa, Tayor and my goiss on twitter (sorry if i didnt mention your names, i love you still).

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