Flower Power

2:34 PM

i have had this dress for a very long time and i hated it because it had no shape or dimension, i just used to wear it around the house
anybody that comes to my house on a regs will know this dress
well since i wasnt doing anything at home today i decided to dress it up
and it didnt look so bad at the end
the whole dress is pleated so it stood really well when i put a belt on it and hiked it up
The dress is vintage
blazer is from Marks and Spencer, it was a gift from my grandma and is a size 16 (my grandmas like to buy me clothes that are twice my size, i believe that they still think that im a kid and that i will grow into them lol)
bag is from primark
brooch is from Elsie Vintage
and shoes were a gift
one of my new year resolutions was to wear more accessories, so when i found this woman that sold jewelry from primark and dorothy perkins and other uk shops (for ridiculously cheap prices) in the local market i practically bought her whole stall. im serious, i now own 15 rings and God knows how many earings
i was just so happy that i got a great deal
i also wanto say hi to my new followers, thank you for following :)
and also those that left comments, they really mean alot. thanks again :)

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  1. I love your style! Everything about this outfit is soo on point! You look like you belong in a magazine! LOVE THE HAIR!

  2. OMW!!! I agree, this looks like a magazine spread, I have a similar bag as well. You will see it soon!!

    You look great

  3. Cute look! I love the bag and Jewelries!! :)


  4. i love everything, the dress, the shoes, the little blazer thing, the accessories. You killed it ^_^

  5. love ur style...ohhh girl u r rocking ur twa <3

  6. love all your accessories especially the bag!I cant believe you are in Law school.Wow.you look so young.I am assuming its because of your hair.power to we short hair girls.haha
    great outfit.x

  7. Hey girl, thanks so much for your comment on the blog, Loving ur blog, and following back!! great outfit and accessories!!! :)


    Diana x

    1. You're welcome Diana. And thanks for following :)

  8. Love all the accessories and the dress and blazer!! Great outfit!

  9. i love your style! and jewels !! ^^

  10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments guys. I really appreciate them :)

  11. the accessories rock! that brooch is calling me gal! lol. it is such a pretty dress, you should wear it more often




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