Ayodeles Birthday

12:20 PM

resuming my phone keeper duties

i think i had too much punch

Birthday boy! (i deff had too much punch, look at that face!)

So it was my friend Ayodeles birthday on saturday and of course me and my goons went to eat and drink like the foodies we all are
i had the most fun ive had in a while which is probably because i downed alot if punch and you can tell by how wide my smile is. i could not control it, the stupid smile did not leave my face lol
and i dont even smile on a regular day and so i knew there was something wrong.
im wearing my moms camisole as a top, it looks white but its actually baby pink
chinos and flats from primark
and the bag was another awesome deal from Lagos, i got it for 2k and my neckpiece was 700 (dont jealous me)

in other news, my school just gave us a two week holiday because there was a strike/riot because our president decided that it would be a smart move to rename the school
i do not support the idea but i also do not support the riot or the holiday
i believe the university body should be able to meet with the FG to settle things amicably
and then if that does not work we may resort to violence (joke)
I should spend this holiday studying, yes that would be the right thing to do
but i just dont feeel like it
please pray that the spirit of laziness will leave my body.
thank you.

p.s ive given up on the 150 question thing. it was shit.

oh and pp.s dont you guys just love my new header? My not so awesome friend Abisade did it ^_^
because the last one i did (which i was actually quite proud of by the way) was ugly.

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  1. wow you make wish I was there haha! great pics :)


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Stylish girls! I like the pleated maxi skirt! :)

  4. You all looked great, seems like you guys had a blast!

  5. Looks like you ladies had fun!?! You all great




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