Vintage Flower

11:16 AM

Hi guys, im extremely sorry i have been MIA, i know youre expectng me to start talking about how im going to change and be better but everybody knows im a liar so lets not bother.
this is one of my favorite blouses from my vintage closet, yes my mom was a proper fashionista
i decided to dress it up in a proper way with the hair and earings and all
 my skirt was a gift, the purse is my moms and the shoes are from qupid
please pardon my very weird eyebrows (im actually really good at drawing them now, i swear)
my ugly ass nails and my fatness (im actually working on losing weight now, i swear, im on this no carb diet and let me not bore you with the details)
i hope everyone has been having an awesome year so far.
stay happy

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  1. Love your outfit.. everything is on point lovely. You look beautiful and I promise you don't look fat :)

  2. you look gorgeous. love your shoes. x




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