Tribal Pants

6:34 AM

Hi Guys!
so i finished my exams last week and it went very well.
i believe my holiday is only for two weeks so im trying to make the best of it.
i decided to post inspirations for my outfits and also different ways the particular piece of clothing im focusing on could be worn and all that.
The bag and the pants are from my vintage closet and i think the print is absolutely beautiful.
isnt it sad that they dont make stuff like this anymore?
on the issue of my hair, i didnt really plan to look like freakazoid but oh well....
and on why im holding onto a pole, i really dont know why im doing that
but it adds a certain coolness to the pictures. No?
 i hope you guys are having a great day!
stay cool! lol


                                                           images above were sourced from google

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  1. Those pants are really nice and your hair is gorgeous...xx

  2. I completely LOVE this look! Those pants are amazing and your hair is beyond fabulous! You look GREAT! I love your style! Definitely following! So glad I stumbled upon your blog!!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  3. Your hair isn't that bad actually. You look cute.
    Yay on ending exams. Have an amazing 2weeks break xo

  4. This is such a gorgeous outfit. Love those pants xx

  5. those pants are hot! -- adore this look

    Much love from NYC

  6. Your pants are so lovely,i love the entire look!!

  7. loving tribal pants! :)

  8. i love this outfit. your hair looks great with the outfit as well, gives it an edge.

  9. Those pants are to die for!




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