Yellow Girls

3:47 AM

 Lolas sister got married a while ago so this is a very late post.
my friends and i love to dress up so it was alot of fun choosing different styles to make with the yellow aso-ebi.
i opted for a monostrap peplum dress and decided to pair it with nude heels instead of the regular black.
our make up and headties were done by Deola she is second from the right in the last picture
and some of the photos were taken by Kachi
My holiday is practically over and i enjoyed it. I think
i hope you guys are doing alright, its time for the weekend. whooooppp!

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  1. nice pictures,guess you guys had fun
    i love your monostrap pepulum dress

  2. your dress is so pretty! you guys look great. I havent been to a wedding in ages. I miss the whole atmosphere mehn'

  3. Super cute




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