Sloppy Joe

7:55 AM

im always putting up pictures of myself looking all pretty in heels
i decided to share what i look like on a regular day
i dont put alot of effort into my outfits to be honest i just like to throw on jeans or leggings and a breezy top cos yknow Lagos is hot as hell
snapback to protect my eyes and probably because my hair is unruly and there is no time to style it or to tie a scarf.
photos were taken at Moremi car park and i wont lie i was sooo shyy x_x, i wonder how all these cool bloggers do it with so many people around
They were taken by LANOS
you can check out his blog here

oh and yeah it was my bithday a few days ago and i had an AWESOME time. ill put up pictures of how i spent it once i can get them together.

and p.s yes i was doing the azonto in the last picture. just because i can ^_^

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  1. I wish I could dress down to school like you .
    You look simple and lovely.xo

  2. Love!
    Simple n chic.

  3. yes mehn. denim and a chiffon shirt allday, anyday. you look good. i love the jeggings

  4. You always kill it even with your "simple" outfits! Like if I ever see you in Lagos, I'm gonna run up to you and give you a big

  5. I love this look! Your jeans and the simplicity of it make it absolutely sexy!
    Oh I've just read your description and saw you're Nigerian. I enjoy Nigerian music, I think it's kind of the best music in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  6. Love your jeans!!!!




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