Im 'Red'-y to 'Mint' you

12:06 PM

Hi Guys!
sorry i havent posted in a while
i have been having some internet trouble but now i am back and better.
this is what i wore to a wedding 2 weeks ago
i didnt try on the dress before the day, i just assumed it would fit because its a size 10
but the dress was actually made for people with smaller busts and so my girls were all over the place. but that didnt stop me however, i just had my blazer buttoned for the rest of the day.
so the moral of my story is that you should invest in blazers with buttons.
and who knew red and mint looked so good together?
also as you can see i wore oxblood shoes instead of black. i just felt my red was sharp enough and i didnt need more sharpness with the black.
my beautiful clutch is from Things Nigerians Love, its an online store with the most beautiful accessories and when i saw this clutch for just 5k i had to have it and it was delivered the next day. awesome. no? you can check out their site here
anyways guys its time for the weekend whoop!
have an awesome one.

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  1. you look great and love the outfit

  2. Gorgeous. Loving the look. The red jacket is really pretty :)

    xoxo Gozika

  3. I like the post title!
    And you look lovely too!.xo
    Thanks for the award :)

  4. Cute
    Http : / /

  5. You look absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!


  6. U look amazing!
    Love the dress n d clutch.
    I've d same experience with the bust of the dress not 'containing' the 'girls'. Loll!
    The blazer always comes to d rescue.

  7. U look great girl

  8. you have hawt legs.....very hawt.i am just loving your legs

  9. Love the post title, witty!!




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