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                                                       Photos by Sope

Hi Guys!
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I had to sort out some issues I had with blogger but now I’m back and better with a lot of new posts to put up.
The 90’s are back!
And as a 90s baby it would be wrong of me not to do at least 3 grunge posts, so here is the first one.
The style that time was basically laid back, rough and dark. Black clothes, dark sunnies, long messy hair, Dungarees, plaid, a lot of leather and a lot of denim so that was what I went for with this outfit complete with my oldest dirtiest pumps. And my meanest badass attitude. I try? No? ok.
Tee - taken from my uncle
Jeans - Mr Price, Surulere
Shoes - Primark
Sunnies -The Style Boutique
Watch - Kenneth Cole
Rings - Lagos market
So as I mentioned a few posts ago, my school is on strike. I was really happy at the time because I had time to study, do my internship work and generally faff about but now that its been two months its starting to dawn on me that these Asuu people are not joking and this strike parole is not beans.
I was at the tailors in moremi and that’s how one woman there started shouting that we were going to resume on Monday unfailingly. They were all so happy because apparently the woman is some prophetess and whatever she says comes true (yeah right)
Well today is Wednesday and the strike is still on. Pfftt.
I just hope they call it off soon.

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  1. You killed it babe! love it! Inspired much!


  2. Lool, prophetess of life, cool look, not my cup-a-tea but u pulled it off


  3. Wonderful!! & lmfao @ the prophetess


  4. This is such an 80's spot on look. Love how you rocked it.





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