Studs and Crosses

8:25 AM

Photos by Ipinayo

Hi Guys,
remember i said in my first double denim post that i was going to do a look with shorts, well here it is.
You can check out the other look here though
i dont really have plenty gist for you guys because i havent been up to much
ive just been trying to study because i believe once they call off the strike theyre going to push us into exams.
and i want to be at least a bit ready because mans cannot afford to fail. i mean.
So i was leaving church one weekday, My church is in Lagos Island and its really close to the market and i spotted these shorts in one boutique. i had been searching for the perfect high waist shorts and when i asked they said it was 2k5. omo i bought it immediately. because other stores dont sell their ugly ass shorts for less than 4k.
and there is so day that i will go to lagos that i wont enter that shop even if its just to window shop.
i got the dress i wore in the bridal shower post from them too. Only i never looked at the name of the store. but ill check when next i go sha so that i will put it up here.

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  1. heart shaped shades! coool

  2. "Omo I bought it immediately" made me laugh lmao. Love the shorts!

    O.R.R's BLOG

  3. Thanks Guys!
    Also I forgot to mention it starts at 6pm

    1. looking so lovely ure short..
      about the event it so sad im seeing dis today..keep doing dis dear ure doing so well..

  4. Gorgeous! I Love the outfit and your shoes!!!

  5. Stunning!! I love the shorts..super cute with the glasses too x




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