Black and Blue

9:33 AM

 Photos by Sope

Hi Guys!
wagwan? was popping? kilon shele?
im very happy. like very very happy
and i know why.
Im really just thankful for all of Gods blessings in my life and for the fact that i am able to be a positive influence to others.
a while ago i just came to the realization that i am the only one that can make myself truly happy and that my growth and development depends on how i see myself and the risks im willing to take to move myself foward.
i guess the key is just to take every happening in your life as a blessing. because i believe that if we continue to dwell on the negative that happens to us it will take us longer to move foward.
i have utmost faith in God and i believe that is where i get my confidence from. i might not be the most beautiful or the most fashionable but i believe i am very special and i will succeed in whatever i lay my hands on, simply because God is with me.
of course life is not a bed of roses and every now and then we will come across a few obstacles and challenges but the key is to see the positive and not the negative and just basically to move foward.

As you can see in my pictures I'm glowing (if i do say so myself) and this is just by the grace of God.
and so in conclusion even if life beats you black and blue, you can always bounce back and be better.

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Rosemond Store
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Vintage Closet
Choker: Moms own


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  1. LOve your hair sooo cute !!

  2. good message

  3. Love your top! So cute.

  4. Such a beautiful message and such a cute look lovely post hun and thank you so much for following my blog!so

  5. You are truly glowing!
    Love ur neck piece.

  6. You look beautiful. I love the top. I am following you, hun. Stop by my place sometimes.

  7. love the top.




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