Omo Ibo

12:51 PM

Hi Guys!
I have wanted to dress up like a proper ibo woman for a long time now (for those who dont know, Ibo is a Nigerian tribe(and im not ibo)). so when my friends sister was getting married and i heard the aso ebi(fabric that friends/family will wear to the wedding) was lace and velvet i knew it was finally my opportunity to rock the ibo blouse and wrapper.
instead of making the lace bit just a blouse i made it into a dress so i could wear it again
and instead of sewing the velvet bit into a skirt i just tied it around my waist. i will use the fabric to make another dress in the nearer future.
so now i shall have three outfits/dresses. cool ey?
Also, check out my makeup. im getting better i think, made myself up for the wedding and i was very proud. My headtie however was tied by Deola, but i have learnt how to tie it now and im a badass gele queen *komoles*
Also please dont forget to nominate me for best fashion blog at the nigerian blog awards, just click here and follow the easy steps

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  1. love the color !!

  2. Haa this is beautiful. THis velvet fashion though, on point! You friends look great too! Awwh your makeup looks good, i'm also trying to play with colors!

  3. Gorgeous look dear and yes ibo dressing looks very good on you... You all looked really nice. Looked closely at the velvet wrapper and realized it has holes so your lace dress is visible. Lovely concept. The velvet trend is so popular these days that one needs to get really creative :D

  4. Nice outfit.

  5. looks really nice

  6. Pretty ladies!
    Red is such a gorgeous color.
    You look great!
    I love your '1 outfit=3diff styles'
    'High five!'

  7. Very nice!


  8. IBO POWER!!.lol Looking real good :)

  9. looking nicee pls come and marry chidi my lil brother oooooo




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