11:02 AM

Hi Guys!
if youve been following my blog for a while youll notice that my friends and i like 'Owambe' (nigerian parties). And we like to wear our aso ebi (the fabric) in different styles that we design individually.
Lace aso ebi styles are very versatile can basically be made into anything, i decided to make an off shoulder dress with a fishtail because i wanted to make maximum use of the fabric and i felt it would look good.
Most of my friends did the same but everyones top half is different (see what i said about individuality)
anyways i hope you lot are inspired.
if you have lace aso ebi and youre thinking of what to sew with it, just pick one!
Also check out my makeup,
i tried abi?
i decided to go nude cos i felt the blue and yellow was loud enough, adding color to my face wouldve just been bleh!
i hope everyone is doing alright?

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  1. You look beautiful
    Love the style

  2. You look gorgeous. Love your ankara dress, you did a great job designing it. Also nice simple makeup, you tired jor. I love your friends crop top take on this ankara fabric by the way.

  3. you all look amazing...!
    I need to start making traditional outfits oo, im missing out on all this hawtness.




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