Knot Wrapper Take 1

6:08 AM

Hi Guys!
i wore this to church a while ago and put the pictures on instagram
i just decided to share here because i thought it would make a good post
Please pardon the quality of the images all photos were taken and edited with my phone (samsung s4)
There are so many ways to tie the wrapper and im sure we have all seen all sorts of styles.
I gave this fabric to the tailor to make a regular oleku but she didnt get the style of the top so i busted it.
Im wearing the wrapper with a regular store bought top (that i wear to class actually)
and when people saw me in church they were not sure if it was a skirt or not, they didnt even think it was a wrapper.
i tied the regular knot style but instead of doing it to the front i did it at the side and then tucked one part in so it looked like a wrap skirt.
I had some left over fabric so i made it into a scarf and one guy even thought the skirt and the scarf were attached lol.
I love this outfit because its soo easy and comfortable. just imagine how many tops and wrappers you can wear together without looking like a mama.

On another note, my school declared a lecture free week *whoop whoop*
so i decided to take a break from studying and i lazed around for the whole day and i feel totally awesome.

There are so many I's in this post. Idk why though
oh well.

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  1. I just hate when tailors mess up clothes. Love the wrapper, you did a great job tying it. Love the mix between traditional and modern. Congrats on the lecture free week, what are you studying by the way?

  2. Beautiful skirt and heels! You look gorgeous!

  3. lovely attire ...pls tel me how did dey close ure hair

  4. well ur phone takes great pictures... lovely print and I loove ur hair:)

  5. Lovely. The prints are gorgeous too. I had a similar case with my tailor and have resorted to wearing mine with another top just as you did.

  6. Great look! I like how you styled the scarf in two different ways! Thanks again for stopping by my blog! Now following on GFC! :)

  7. You look so fabulous! Love that fabric

  8. Beautiful outfit.

  9. Mide the coolest kid in town. I like how the oleku effect looks. Lool




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