Lade Couture

2:17 PM

Jacket - Vintage Closet
Jeggings - Kofos
Shoes - Asos
Purse - Primark
Necklace - Elegushi Beach

Im sure you guys have noticed that i have started dressing somewhat mature, less short skirts and bum shorts. Im getting really old o and im getting fat at well.
Its just very interesting that my style has somewhat changed over the years, i initially planned to wear a pencil skirt with this outfit but Kofo said i looked too old and i should wear the jeans instead so here we are.
I attended the launch of a fashion brand called 'Lade Couture' with my friend Dayo. The event started on time and it ended on time so basically we missed it lol.
We got there when the designer was taking her bow so i only got one photo. oh well
But on the plus side there were refreshments and a gift bag and i saw my girl Fola
She came in a similar outfit and we even wore the same kind of wig lol
Also, quick shoutout to Oprah for inviting us, Great job girl!

Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend

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