No Waste

11:24 AM

Photos taken by Korede
Edited by me

Glasses from

This was supposed to be an outfit post but i didnt like the way it looked.
But i didnt just want to waste the pictures so i edited them and here we are
So the whole convocation parole is over and i actually had a lot of fun.
Shout out to all my sweethearts that graduated. Good luck in the real world.
I spent the 2 days with Princess and Korede and there is no tent/party that we didnt get to lol
who says its a bad thing to know a lot of people?
I got to catch up with old friends i had not seen in ages and i was really happy i went out because the alternative was to just study and sleep at home.
I need to get back to studying now.

P.s i have a new instagram account, you can follow me @Mide.Coker

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  1. I really like the last picture. Convocation was the BIG break of fun everyone needed, back to the reality of exams.

  2. The location of the pics I like and ur shades too.

  3. I like the pictures...the black and while gives it a really old school feel.

  4. Great job on your french braid.

  5. I actually like the way that the pictures turned out, thanks for following.x

  6. Nice pictures! The black and white look gives them a classy look plus your hair is really cool. 😊.�

  7. Nice pictures! The black and white effect gives them a classy look plus your hair is really cool. 😊

  8. Nice hair




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