Aztec Kaftan

6:26 AM

Outfit : Leachim George
Slippers : Zara
Glasses :
Photos by Sope Coker

First of all i would like to say that shooting on location is not beans, as much as i would like to just take all of my blog pictures in front of my garage i know that in order to move the blog foward i must go out.
On this day i had to part with 1k to take the pictures, after the oga of the security men had made noise for like 10 minutes about how i could not take pictures at the end of the day he sha said i had to settle the boys.
So they gave me 15 minutes and then i settled the boys 5h and then the oga 5h. My own is just that if i should come another day they should not try to ask me for anything or else i will just change it for them lol.
So the plan was to take the pictures by the water (thats third mainland bridge behind me by the way) but one of the officers kept saying that i had to take some pictures by the boats and i guess those ones didnt come out too badly.
This outfit was inspired by AT, she is a Nigerian rapper who wears stuff like this and when i saw this fabric in the market i knew that this was what i was going to make. Leachim brought it to life and he did a great job, this is one of the most comfortable outfits ive ever worn and i want to wear it everyday lol.
If you are interested in this outfit, just pop me an email at and ill def hook you up.
I hope everyones day was not too stressful,
mine wasnt sha, i slept all day :D

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  1. I struggle with finding locations too so I just stick to one place but you do have a point. Love the location, and your outfit is the bomb.

  2. The location is nice indeed! I like the outfit, you look great :)

  3. Aww I likey! Love your sandals too.

  4. Lovely kaftan! Great location for your pictures!

  5. this is so chick, I yaff carry last ooo I must get one.

  6. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thank you for stopping by the blog.

  7. I absolutely love this look, I need to get me some Elton John shades. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting, comments always make me




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