Fine Wine

7:48 AM

Top - XXI
Jeggings - Primark
Shirt - Sopes own
Bag - Dami Choko
Sandals - Asos

Hi guys, so this post is basically to show off my new wine hair, ive been experimenting with color lately and the hairstyles have been coming out alright. Basically because any colored hairstyle i do is always short.
I was feeling very edgy/andrgynous at the time, hence the mushroom bob and i also think my eyebrows needed a break. (It is not easy to be drawing on eyebrows everyday mehn)
I used two 8" packs of Nature by Black pearl and everything plus the fixing cost me 5,000naira
i love this style because it doesnt need any special care or manipulation all i have to do is brush the fringe in place and maybe straighten it again after like 2 weeks.
So thats that on my hair.
I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend
anything special happen to you guys?

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  1. u look great your bag and top

  2. You had fun fun during the photo session. You look really great too, love ur hair

  3. I love your hair, you rocked it.

  4. i like d hair colour/. i have a pack of "chocolate" hair this colour that i really like




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