10:17 AM

Dress : Cassie Daves Giveaway
Shoes : Qupid
Purse : Primark

Hi Guys,
so cassie did a giveaway of this dress around Christmas last year. I was the first person to comment and i said 'This dress is my own, i've seen it' and lo and behold i won the giveaway and i was soo excited. Thanks Cassie!
So i kinda had a had a hard time taking these pictures because Broad Street is busy even on a sunday. There is no conductor that did not shout at me for standing on the road and there was this keke napep driver that just stopped and was staring at me. i was like dont you have something you should be doing?? (not out loud of course) im not trying to get slapped in Lagos Island lol
But i think they came out okay, i really like the last picture.
Now that im on a short break from school, i'm open to collaborations and partnerships.#
Please email me at
if you would like me to wear your clothes (lol) or review your products.
Also i'd like to know what you guys want to see on the blog. More outfits? more reviews? Life stuff?
Please let me know in the comments section or pop me an email
and if you have any ideas of if you think there is anything i can add to the blog please tell me
I really appreciate feedback from you guys, helps me work harder on the blog
I hope everyone is having an awesome week.

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  1. I love your dress and your hair. You look absolutely radiant. I can't tell that you had so much trouble during this shoot lol so I guess your photographer did an amazing job. I love outfit posts. I guess because I can live vicariously through other people's closets :)

  2. More outfits, more reviews, more everything haha :p
    I love the dress, it's gorgeous!!!!!

  3. I absolutely love the dress and the pictures came out well.

  4. The dress looks good on went all the way to broad street to take this pictures, cool...and the pictures look good.

    1. Hahaha no o, my church is off broad street so its really convenient

  5. Congrats I love your make-up and pout...
    i'll like to wear your clothes in partnership with
    The Beautiful Eagle

  6. You look so pretty! Lovely shoes too

  7. I was going through cassies google+ and I found you. I absolutely love your blog. You are ballzy sha....taking pics on broad street, you have inspired me to try sthn crazy i've been meaning to do....don't fret,lol. If you're ever looking for a fellow fashion blogger/budding photographer, please let me

  8. Absolutely loving this dress and hair, everything. Even the photography's on point ma.xo

  9. Such a lovely dress. I can't believe you took this on Broad Street; I wouldn't dare!! Lool

  10. aww love it!! I want more life stuffs! lets get to know you better ^.^




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