Why so serious? + Giveaway Winner

7:27 PM

Photos by Sope Coker

So in my last post i showed you guys pictures from my costume day, i went as the joker and it was a lot of fun.
As i mentioned earlier, i arrived late because i was making my wig. I didnt think my costume was going to come on time so i had planned to go as something else. So when it came the night before, i woke up early that morning and ran to the market to look for the green wig. All the women at the market thought i was crazy so no i did not get one there. On my way back to school, i remembered there was a shop that had a green and purple pack of the premium too weave from like 5 years ago, when people used to make short hair styles with color lol.
it was just half of the pack so i bought it, bought a wig cap and also bought bonding glue. It was supposed to start at 11 and it was about 9.30 at this point.
I started making the wig on my head but it wasnt working out so i had to beg and beg my brother to let me make it on his head. The weave wasnt enough so in the middle there are black tracks and the part where i closed it is just a proper mess.
It was all worth it in the end because appaz i really 'got' the costume and i had fun pretending to kill people and basically constituting a nuisance all over school.
My whole outfit is by Leacim George and yes i had it made.
Im going to take the trousers in and rock it as just a purple suit with heels soon, and then i could also wear the blazer or trousers as separate pieces so yes im a winner and im all about practicality lol
So what do you guys think about my costume?

I used a random generator to select the winner, 17 people entered for the giveaway for the generator picked number  9 which is MODUPE OMISORE. Congrats dear

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  1. Wow you look solo good . love the outfit.
    Girl you rock

  2. lol! You look amazinggggg! I wish i had seen you!

  3. I won! I won!! *dancing*
    Thanks Mide.

  4. Waoh! Your costume is a killer! Plus the persistence in making it happen. I would have given up rather the stress if it were me.

    Kudos Mide!

  5. I love your loafers.





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