How Would You Wear - Mixed Prints

5:35 PM

Photos by Dare Asobele

Blouse -Forever21
Skirt - Tailor Made ( I also wore it here)
Blazer - Thrifted
Shoes and Shades - Asos

Hi Guys,
So one of my favorite bloggers, Diane of Deevine Anonyme put together this awesome challenge where a couple of bloggers pick out a theme every month and then create outfits relating to that theme.
I was really excited when she asked me to join because sometimes i have bloggers block or i dont feel like posting so its a great way for bloggers to always have something up and i always look foward to what the other girls will come up with.
 This months theme is 'Mixed Prints' and this is my own personal interpretation of the theme, i decided to go subtle with monochrome prints and i think it came out okay.
Below are the other bloggers that took part in the competition. You can check out Diane's blog here to get their links.
Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Really nice love the combo!!

    1. Thanks Ray, love yours as well. Your body is banging

  2. You killed it girl, I love how you incorporated three prints in this outfit. Yous thrifted blazer is such a great find and really complements this outfit. Your look has to be my favourite.

    Princess Audu

  3. Your outfit is just perfection! So classy and feminine! You definitely killed it!

  4. lovely, three prints that almost look like they were meant to be.x

  5. You look Great CupCake

  6. Your pair of sunnies and your blazer are outstanding.




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