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5:59 AM

Photos by Cassie Daves

Two Piece- Tailor made
Shoes - Lagos Market
Purse - Gift

Hi Guys,

so this is what i wore to the bloggers party.

When i got this fabric a while ago, i made this skirt and then a two piece with a pencil skirt.
I had worn the crop top and pencil skirt and was all set to go when i had a zipper accident.
Sigh, don't you just hate zippers?

Of course i went into panic mode, because i had absolutely nothing else to wear and i was already thinking of not going when i remebered i had another skirt in the same fabric. I tried it on, it didnt look too bad and here we are today lol.

Then when i got to the event i remebered i hadnt taken any photos, and i knew i wasnt going to go through the stress if wearing this outfit again and shooting it so i begged Cassie to take my pictures and she did well so once again here we are today lol

I also wore this skirt in THIS post.

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  1. I love this piece! It's modest yet fun! Your tailor is definitely making money from you!

    Thy Bliss Calls

    1. hahaha yes ooo
      she is making cool cash!

  2. Love the fact you paired it with thoes shoes. Its a really fun and flirty outfit

  3. You've been nominated for award on my blog

  4. haha...
    im so making this style.
    i like the earrings.




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