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5:59 AM

Photos by Cassie Daves

Two Piece- Tailor made
Shoes - Lagos Market
Purse - Gift

Hi Guys,

so this is what i wore to the bloggers party.

When i got this fabric a while ago, i made this skirt and then a two piece with a pencil skirt.
I had worn the crop top and pencil skirt and was all set to go when i had a zipper accident.
Sigh, don't you just hate zippers?

Of course i went into panic mode, because i had absolutely nothing else to wear and i was already thinking of not going when i remebered i had another skirt in the same fabric. I tried it on, it didnt look too bad and here we are today lol.

Then when i got to the event i remebered i hadnt taken any photos, and i knew i wasnt going to go through the stress if wearing this outfit again and shooting it so i begged Cassie to take my pictures and she did well so once again here we are today lol

I also wore this skirt in THIS post.

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