Turning Point

4:51 AM

Photos by TheOluwatosin

Jacket - Vintage Closet
Top - thrifted
Jeans - primark
Sliders - asos
Purse - vintage closet

I attended the launch of a book by Chude Jideonwo called 'Are we the turning point generation'
Its one of those books that sparks the minds of Nigerians and makes us think about how far we have come.
There was an interactive session moderated by Kemi Adetiba where people got to air opinions about the state of the country, the elections coming soon and the general welfare of the people.
I am not one to get into arguments about Nigeria because in my opinion the true leaders will never be allowed to get into power so whats the point?
Chude made reference to the Abacha era and how people were even scared to talk, he spoke about the recent wave of artists and entrepreneurs who would not have even thought of becoming what they are today in that era.
We spoke about the government and how people are oblivious about the senators and members of the house of reps that are being voted in but will forever complain about the President and Governors.
These men in power are usually former senators so if we look properly we have the power to choose or at least filter the people that get to govern us.
We all finally agreed that change will not come in a day or in a year but gradually.

Happy 54th Independence Day Nigeria.

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  1. Looking good dear! As or Nigeria I really don't get into politics because no matter what argument one makes, it's doesn't make any difference. God help our country.


  2. Great pictures! I love your jacket :)

  3. Your jacket sealed the deal beautifully!

    The number plate on the vintage benz reminded me of the movie "October 1", which is all shades of brilliant, btw.

  4. Lovely look! Love your jacket...the launch seems like it was very insightful and informative, hopefully people take that insight and apply it to making positive changes for the country





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