How to Wear : Fall Colours

6:14 PM

Photos by Dare Asobele

Kimono - Tailor made
tank - thrifted
leggings - primark
Shoes - Gift (asos)

Since we don't have fall in Nigeria, i decided to go with all black which is a staple color and i think a fall color as well.

i initially planned something cool with oxblood but then i couldnt make time to shoot it before the deadline so here we are.

My pixie cut wig had been crying for help so i decided to let it go, i think my hair deserves to breathe for a while. It just the plaiting every night part that is stress. im just happy it looks nice.

You guys that have your natural hair out everyday, how do you do it?

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  1. Lool, what I used to do to my wigs though, they won't forggive me, but I took care of their asses.

    That kimono definitely brings fall vibes, it'd almost count as fall too when it rains. Loove the colors!
    I see sarah!

    Your wedges look good and hella-comfortable too!

    Coco L'Amour

  2. I love the added print from the kimono, nice simple look. Props to you for keeping up with your hair, I have given up.

    Princess Audu

  3. When I saw the Natural Hair I was captivated by what midecoker has to offer. You look amazing and with those prints and wedges spot on babes.

  4. Jeez..Mide this your hair is growing fast o this look

  5. Love the look! Your shoes are nice! You have a great smile.

  6. I can imagine 'I can believe I can fly' playing in the background when picture 2 was taken.
    Your puff is growing o, Yayyy you!!!

  7. Love the kimono and girllllll your hairrr

  8. Omo, it seems this sewing stuff thing is the thing oh. Love the whole look

  9. I want your hair and shoes.




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