No Left Turn

12:34 PM

Photos by TheMaseFace

Top - Primark
Jeans - Thrifted
Shoes - Lagos Market
Hat - H&M
Shades - Asos
Choker - Aliexpress

I love to shoot with themaseface because he is a true artist. We had planned this shoot about a week ago (does shmoney dance) and i wanted to shoot an awesome outfit but then i was so caught up in school stress i didnt plan anything.
I didnt wanto reschedule so i just decided to shoot what i wore out that day. I changed my jeans, wore heels, threw on my hat and here we are.

Law School is supposed to resume today but the posting list of my school is not out yet. I really wanto go to a school away from home like Abuja or Bayelsa but my family is not having it. ugh
Im lowkey praying i get posted somewhere else sha.

i hope everyones week started well. Have a great one!

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  1. Lool! My sister got posted to Kano yo! Please don't pray you get posted anywhere else, it can be kano. Lol
    Love the first two pictures! Giddeemm

  2. Lool Goodluck with your posting! Love this look!

  3. I smiled when i saw Bayelsa, am currently serving there.... Goodluck with your posting tho

  4. Law school is definitely not for the weak minded. Good luck with your posting!

    Thy Bliss Calls

  5. nice the one were you smiled. they should allow you go to abuja

  6. This outfit is super cool. I adore your jeans and your leopard print heels add a great pop of pattern. Good luck on your posting girl.

    Princess Audu

  7. I love yo hat!
    And the photos are so badass

  8. You look hot like fire. Love the ripped detail in your jeans and the flow of the blouse. Dope look :)

  9. Hottest looking extra fab yoo

    P.s been thinking Nigeria fashion bloggers we should have a cool meet and great! what do you think?

  10. Baddest!!! love the look and pose.

  11. Love the outfit, you look very cool :)

  12. Just hope you don't get kano or Yola. Love the whole look and the last outfit is just the bomb.




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