Fashion Day Out

9:27 AM

Cover Photo by TheMaseFace
other photos by me

Hi Guys!

So a few of us creatives put together a picnic for fashion lovers.

It was an event open to all and all you had to do to come was RSVP and then bring something for the table.

I didnt know what to expect and i wasnt sure people were going to comply but to my surprise sooo many people showed up with sooo much food and we had an amazing time!

We had two sessions, first an interactive session where we discussed the fashion industry, blogging habits and ways to improve our various careers and i actually learnt alot.

For example i didnt know that my readers came back to check my replies to comments, in my own mind i thought that once people read the post and left comments that was the end, so if you noticed i replied everyone in my last post. *grins*

The second part was a creative competition, we divided everyone into four groups, gave them materials like bin bags, bits of net material, make up and some clips and told them to create something amazing.

The process was so much fun as every team had 15-30 minutes to do this. When they were done the models had to do a runway walk, then the team head had to tell us the name of the team, name of the dress and the inspiration behind it. They were judged based on these things and the collage above is arranged according to the winners.

There was so much to eat and everyone had something to take home, some people even took whole cakes home because we had 8 cakes, can you imagine?

All in all it was a great event because everyone was happy and friendly and we all participated in the activities.

Im looking foward to the next one because this one was a blast!

Shoutout to The Makos for amazing work.

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  1. Finally, she's back!!! Been refreshing this page since forever. How's law school going?. The event looked like so much fun

    1. Hey Sogiee! Law school is alright o. Very stressful but im getting the hang of it. Thanks for always coming here to check up. :*

  2. I wish events like this were held in Abuja :( That was a fab idea you guys had.
    P.S new blog reader, so Hello :)

    Meera xx

    1. Hi Meera, hopefully the bloggers there are working on something because i know a few. Also, welcome to the blog! I hope you keep in touch. Going to check yours out now.

  3. Looks like so much fun. Welcome back.

  4. Welcome back Mide, I see law school is really taking it's toll on you, Pele!

  5. Good to have you back Mide! Constantly refreshed your page to see new posts.

    The event looked fun and creative. Love the creative competition. Well done.

  6. It's great that you have picked up this topic to be discussed out here! I am really excited to be supplied with this useful information.




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