Pajama Party

7:11 AM

Photos by Dare Asobele

Pajama set: Tailor made
Shoes: Asos
Purse: Thrifted

Hi Guys!
 i had this made July last year, i had this fabric and i knew it would be perfect for a pajama set.
Yes i know im late on the trend but whatever.
when  i got it i didnt like the shirt so i did not intend to shoot it, the collar was funny looking and the tailor decided to make everything align so i was a bit put off by the whole thing.

Only to see to my surprise, Onah of Complete Fashion in the exact same outfit in October at Fashion Week.
I was like woooahhh......deeepp. lol
I hope she had it made too, it would totally suck if she bought it from a designer at a ridiculous price.

So yeah this picture inspired me to shoot this outfit to show you guys that fashion minds think alike lol.

In other news,
I did not go out to vote today, i would have loved to vote for Jimi Agbaje but unfortunately i do not have a PVC, i was in school when everyone was getting it.
My fingers are crossed and i hope we get the Governor that Lagos deserves.

Talk soon. xoxo

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  1. Yours is way cooler sha
    I really need to start buying fabrics and sewing stuff for myself

  2. I agree with Cassie, yours is way cooler. I love that it's more fitted on you, the fabric is amazing. I hope I am able to find a good tailor so I can start rocking custome-made clothes. The first shot is amazing by the way.
    Princess Audu

  3. I agree with sarah and cassie.
    but it is a nice concept and fabric, any where we can get the materials or buy em ?
    Also you should try and vote in the 2019 Elections.
    who knows you might be running for something....

  4. I agree with Cassie and Sarah, the fit is way better on you.
    Yours is cool set, hers is the actual pyjamas. How's school been? Hope you aren't too stressed

  5. Love the fabric and I agree with everybody, you're rocking it better!! xx

  6. I prefer your own, the material is so vintage i love! and that thing you said about the designer ridiculous price haha! I can relate

  7. I prefer yours, rolled up sleeves are everything.

  8. *sigh* i miss the perks of Naija life & tailors on hand
    Love this look


  9. Haha, fashion minds do think alike. Love how you styled yours with those tasseled loafers.

  10. Our shoes :D

    Love the print, the blouse doesn't look funny at all. Abeg show us the way to these fabrics.

  11. Love this look!!! x




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