The Kimono: 2 ways

11:02 AM

Photos taken by Deji K-Sho

Kimono - Tailor made
Tank - Dee Mako shop
Skirt - Random Boutique
Shorts - Jumia
Shoes and Sliders - Asos
Hat - H&M
Cuff and Purse - Aliexpress

Hi Guys!
My friend was having a birthday party at the beach on Sunday. I was planning to go to Church so i wanted an outfit that i could easily turn into a beach look as i didn't want the stress of packing another set of clothes.

After merrygoranding and dillydallying for a while i finally chose this outfit. I dont usually wear black to church, my mom from a young age never let me so it kind of felt weird. But how cool is it that i just changed my skirt to shorts and this super cool outfit came about. I especially like the yellow pop of color i decided to add last minute.

I also wore this kimono here
It comes with trousers as well which i wore here
This is a photo of the two piece, i never shared because i didnt really like the outfit

We got a three day break from our Court attachment to attend our convocation ceremony.
I'm not going to be attending because i didnt get a gown but ill definitely take pictures and share with you guys.

I hope everyone is doing well, have a great week!

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  1. baest...Those sliders are too gorgeous and i love all the ways you rocked it, i counted more than two ways. and even the two piece picture is amazing i wonder why you didn't like it.
    congrats on your convocation.x

  2. Cute cross body. Heart the slides.

  3. What Desiree said!
    Congratulations on your grad!!

  4. Congrats on your Convocation dear, the one piece is pretty cool. Love the shorts and the pop of yellow. You killing it.

  5. I actually really like it with its pants...all 3 outfits are winners.

    Congrats on your convocation...better things ahead :)




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