Im Back!

12:25 PM

Blouse - vintage closet
Pants : CNDirect
Shoes : Calvin Klein

Hi Guys,

Law School is finally over!

I have so many posts i cant wait to share with you guys.

These photos were taken in my hostel because we were too tired to walk all the way to Muri Okunola park lol (i know its not far, dont judge me).

also i feel like i wear this blouse all the time, see how i styled it:
1. Turning Point
2. Lade Couture
3. Beneath the silence

this post is just to inform you that its all over, so whats sallah saying??? Holla at your girl *wink wink*

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  1. Yaaay!! Congrats.. Lol I love the shirt still, you look gorgeous!

  2. Welcome back Mide !!!!!!!!!
    Love how you styled the blouse in this look and honestly I wish those pants will fit me, but oh well.

    1. Thanks Dami!
      im sure you can get them in your size.
      i got them from

  3. this is a nice shirt
    new post:

  4. Welcome back and yaaay to the end of law school.

    Well with how pretty that top is, it should be worn a lot lol and your shoes are very pretty.
    Black Series X Kimono Love

  5. glad to have you back, miss you oh and can't wait for all the law school gist

  6. Yaaay! Finally! Can't wait to see what you share.

    Mira La Belle

  7. So excited to see you back. I love your blouse. Waiting patiently for the gists them

  8. Your blouse is so lovely. U have a nice blog and I admire your sense of style. Congrats on your completion of Law school.

  9. You look very sweet and unassuming. Love the shirt.

  10. You look very sweet and unassuming. Love the shirt.

  11. You look very sweet and unassuming. Love the shirt.

  12. Hi! So as regards your palazzo pant styling comment, wanted to reply on the blog but wasn't sure you'd check back. I did some research on styling them and stumbled on this: 16 ways to style palazzo pants. I saw others too but I think this was by far the most original list. Hope this helps for now. I just might do a post on it.

    Mira La Belle

  13. Awww see your happy smile!
    Thank God law school is over, means more posts right?
    Love the vintage blouse too.

  14. Congrats & Weldone hun! I like the blouse oooooo




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