2017 Life Update

4:07 AM

Hello Everyone,

So i'm here to share a quick life update.

The other day I was looking through my blog and I noticed how much I used to share. I don't share as much anymore and its really sad. I don't want to attribute it to not having time but lets just get into it.

So as you know I finished NYSC November last year. I spent the whole of December at home just chilling and enjoying myself and then in the middle of my enjoyment my mom starts bugging me about me not having any future ambitions and all that good stuff (If you've ever been out of a job and you live at home you can probably relate) I wasn't really bothered because I was writing for a website at the time and the pay was okay; I was even considering being a freelance writer but then how do you explain playing on your laptop all day as a job to African parents (please share if you can)

I knew from the time that I got admission into the Faculty of Law that I was not going to practice law, let me give you a quick recap....
My mom wanted me to study Home Economics because I was really good at it in Secondary School and I even won an award.
My dad wanted me to study Creative Arts because I was an all round creative and he knew I could thrive in that space. I didn't mind Creative Arts but then I asked everyone I knew what I would do with the degree after and all they could come up with was to lecture. I didn't want to lecture.
As the over thinker that I am, I decided I was going to study a professional course (Law, is it not to just read) and then after school, I could go into whatever creative field I liked and if that didn't work out, well.... I'm still a Lawyer.

Fast forward 7 years later, I am a Lawyer and I wish I had just jejely listened to my father and studied the Creative Arts. No knowledge is a waste so I don't totally regret it, it definitely gives me an edge wherever I go but if I had studied a 4 year course, I feel like I would have more direction with my life.

So, by the end of December, I had gotten a few interviews and I hoped to start work by January. After another internal conflict about deciding what company to go with, I settled for a Public Relations Firm and I am now a PR Consultant. Yes, PR
Why PR? I don't know
You see what I was saying about direction.

I'm enjoying it however because I get to work with different brands from different fields and just gain all sorts of experience. Iv'e worked with an NGO, a Restaurant, a musician and designers all in the space of two months and I don't think I would get this experience anywhere else.

The only thing is I haven't learnt how to manage my time and to make time for other things I enjoy. My weekends are so sacred and I literally spend every weekend lazying about at home.
I haven't been to church in a while, I don't hang out with my friends, its just home- work-home -repeat.

So my question is at what point does one find that work/life balance?
You know when you can work all week and still
- go clubbing on friday
-go to an owambe on saturday
- go to church on sunday
- go to an after church event on that same sunday
- sometimes run a weekend business(es)
- take care of children and a home
And still be productive at work the next week.

Please share your thoughts because I feel like I'm so swamped with work and I won't ever have time for anything else.

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  1. Hey,
    Nice to have you back.
    Don't be a stranger.
    Congrats on the new Job.
    Regarding how to balance work with life and do what you want to do.
    I suggest you write down what you would like to do during weekends and free times.
    People you want to see, chill with, then fix em.
    bare in mind things might change or something might come up,
    but you already wrote em down so you know you had it in mind then over time things would fall in place,
    but it might take time.
    Then about God, Do your Devotion in the morning and
    also find a quick/short service to go to on sundays.
    so you can do what you have to all day.
    I hope i was able to shed some light into how you can go about this.
    #Don't be a stranger.

    1. Hey, thank you for the advice.
      I won't be a stranger :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this post because I can totally relate to it!! I studied estate management, 5year course and honestly up until January this year I was so excited about practicing but lately I've been exploring and understanding myself and I don't think I'll be happy in that field. NYSC is about to start for me and I honestly need a job. I have some side businesses but I want a job that will pay and I will love! Anyways as to finding your balance, I'm not an expert at this but I agree with the comment above! Write a list of all you want to do, know the important people in your life that you want to create time out for, know what you're creating time out for. Have a daily schedule, it really helped me and fix a " no excuse schedule" for example tell yourself every Tuesday evening I'm going to see a movie, that way you make sure all work is done before Tuesday evening. It's like your no exception rule. Under no circumstances will you change them! Trust me pick a lovely church and you'll see yourself dressing up every Sunday morning.
    If I have more tips i'll send you a dm or watsapp.


    1. I'm happy i'm not the only one lol.

      I tried to have a no excuse schedule but my work schedule is so erratic it didnt work.

      I will definitely make lists, thanks sweetie

  3. welcome back..
    you have parents who wanted you to study home economics and creative arts?
    they are the real MVPs.
    I'm 4 years into working full time and I still don't know how to balance work/life.
    I don't think anyones got it all figured out..
    but it gets better/ easier after a while.
    you get a hang of your Job and can add other things to it..
    so be patient.. :)

    1. Lmaoo my parents are special.

      Thank you, this is exactly what my mom said.
      This is overthinking it, but what if i dont?

  4. Hi Mide, glad to have you back and congratulations on your new job. Your title caught my eye & now I know why. I can so relate with this, I was in science class back in high school; my dad always said I never belonged there and he was right. Everything I've ever done and currently do is centered around the arts. As for finding balance, lol...I guess you've to find what works for you. Regarding church attendance, if your church is one of those that have 2-3 services, you can totally decide what time suits you best. I usually go for the 10am service at mine (more time to sleep). For the rest, I guess setting a monthly schedule can help- e.g Movie Night- every last Thursday of the month. drinks with your squad-every first Friday. That sorta thing. Remember all work & no play...Good luck! :)

    1. Hi Oyinkansola,
      Thanks for the tips.
      I'm definitely adding movie night and drinks with the squad to my list lol

  5. Really enjoyed your post. I can't relate but it was a good read. https://meilifisayo.wordpress.com/2017/04/08/beautiful-city-of-bath/

  6. Congratulations on your new job.Your dad is the coolest, he actually wanted you study creative arts. He's the realest MVP.
    I can relate with the whole time management issue. My service year was crazy. I tried to balance work, Nysc and my social life and it was a complete struggle from the beginning but I'm glad I managed make it work.
    I think you should give it time, you are still settling into your new role. In a few months you will find a balance. I'll also recommend you plan your daily/ weekly tasks, that way it doesn't seem so overwhelming and some times just take a break from doing nothing and just enjoy some me time.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Thank you Praise!

      He really is lol.

      Funny enough NYSC was a breeze for me, maybe because it wasn't in Lagos but i'm hopeful about getting used to everything.

  7. I love how honest this is. About direction, don't let anyone bother you. very few 20 something year olds actually know where they are going at this point. My mum gave up telling me to go and do ICAN and ACCA, when she realised I was more skilled in other things.

    I kept wondering where you disappeared to, now I know. BTW, all the multiple mini jobs, cherish them. They will equip you with so many skills, waaay eyond what you'd expect.

    Are you going for gidi fest?




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