Birthday Wishlist

10:24 PM

Hello Everyone,

So it's my birthday soon. *insert dancing girl emoji here*

I'm hardly ever excited about my birthday but this year feels different. I'm not planning anything and I probably will end up spending it at home with family but I thought to share a wishlist of somethings I've been lusting after just in case God touches someone and they decide to bless me lol.

My birthday is on the 1st of May (Mide Day - pronounced Medayday) thank you in advance.


1.  A Zashadu Purse

I've wanted a Zashadu bag since the first day I laid eyes on them. I love the unique but simple designs and It makes me happy that everyone I see is not like the last.

2. Fitbit Flex 2

I gained A LOT of weight in Calabar and since I've been back I've decided not to slack on my weightloss and overall health. I have transitioned into a healthier diet and I need a tracker to keep this up. I chose this particular fitbit because it is simple and can survive under water.

3. Macbook Air

I've been using my mom's laptop for about a year now, I need one for myself.

4. Mia's Hair

Interesting story... so in the middle of drafting this post, I actually went to purchase the exact same hair type in this photo. It was a dent on my account but I needed a birthday present that would make me happy.
I still want hair though, something long and lush and wavy from Mias hair.

5. Casio Watch

I used to own a casio watch but then it broke and I haven't gotten round to getting another one. This would be an awesome gift because I'm currently 'watch-less'

6. Gold necklace with something engraved

It could be my birthday like the photo above and It could be 'Peace' or "Happiness" or "Wealth"

8. A Pandora bracelet

My hands are always bare and I really like the idea of collecting all the different charms. I'm a collector by nature so I'm excited about this.

9. Raya Jewellery

I came across this brand on instagram and fell in love with their pieces. I like statement jewelry without fuss so its a perfect fit.

So tell me, what do you guys have on your wishlists? Share with us!

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