Lekki Conservation Centre

10:39 PM

Hi Guys,

My friends and I visited the Lekki conservation centre a while ago and here are some photos.

This is my third time there but it was the firs time I was going on the canopy walk.

I had not seen my friends in a while so it was a great opportunity to catch up and bond, I did not get to take as many pictures as I would have liked because we were too busy giggling and cracking the most ridiculous jokes.

I took photos of my friends because I thought their individual outfits were very interesting. You can tell the type of person they are from their outfits and it goes to show how diverse everyones personality is. Well except Kofo (yellow converse) who made a conscious effort to be a cool kid; shes usually more chic lol.

For my outfit, I'm wearing culottes and shoes from Asos
Straw bag was handed out as a wedding (how cool)
and a random thrifted t-shirt

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